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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Introducing the all-new Webmaker


Introducing the all-new Webmaker


A simple way to discover, create
and share content on the Web.


We are happy to announce the launch of the new Webmaker, available now via This is an exciting next step in our efforts to empower Web users of any skill level to build their skills and learn how to read, write and participate on the Web.


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The free Android app makes creating content simple and fun - you can drag, drop and personalize photos, text and more to build unique projects like interactive scrapbooks, comic strips, games and memes. Teachers can build lesson plans for their students, students can create class projects, and communities can launch a platform for sharing local news and events.


You can also share your projects with friends and community, who are able to remix and add their own additions. You can discover cool projects around you through the discovery gallery, and experience local content made by your community and in your language.


Introducing the all-new Webmaker


We built Webmaker with the hopes of creating a fun, hands-on tool for helping individuals move beyond a read-only version of the Web. Download it now and start your next Webmaker creation today!


Download the App


Free and open, always. Built by users like you.


Webmaker is more fun when your friends and family are creating with you. Help us spread the word to your community by tweeting: I'm excited to try the @Webmaker app for Android, a new content creation & learning tool from @Mozilla. Learn more at


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