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Thursday, October 01, 2015

Drive Safety with Brighter Lights – Skylight Autohub

When we buying a vehicle, either brand new or used car, we always consider the cost, durability, comfort-ability and of course passenger safety. And I think, we should put the word “safety” on the top of this list. Because money is nothing when it comes to our safety. We also consider the changing of auto lamps (head and tail lights) of our cars. This is very important especially at night. A stock auto lights are good enough on the road but we should go for better lights and better visibility while we’re on the road, because we always wanted to avoid accidents and we’re safe going to our home or to our destinations.

I’d like to introduce Skylight Performance Auto Lamps (product of Skylight Autohub Philippines Inc.), a leader in HID auto lamps here in the Philippines and it is the latest trend in the automotive industry.

Skylight Performance Auto Lamps

Imagine, when we’re driving in day light we can sight objects from 50 feet clearly but at night, our vision reduces up to 50% or depends on the head light we used. With Skylight Performance Auto Lamps, it gives a better lighting on our vehicle. It provide wider visibility angle, low beam is up to 100 meters and high beam is up to 200 meters, 100% brighter and 30% farther. We’re dealing with the safety driving we’re dealing with the safety of our passengers and of course ourselves. It means that better head lights on the road better driving and we’re sure that our trip is more safer.


Toyota Vios, Skylight Performance Auto Lamps

Skylight Autohub Toyota Vios

Your Future Looks Brighter with SkyLight!

Skylight Autohub Philippines proud distributor of Eagle Eye Auto Lamps.

For list of available units and inquires, you may call or email Skylight Autohub Contact Center.

About Skylight Autohub Philippines Inc.


For inquires, you may call or email Skylight Autohub Contact Center.


Skylight AutohubSkylight Autohub is set to be an automotive industry leader. We boast the following fundamental pillars; Create superior customer experience. Providing innovative car solutions. Offering quality car care and accessories. Backed by over 60 years of diverse professional experience, Skylight Autohub is ready to reshape the automotive landscape and revolutionize the industry. Over the past two decades, global competition in the automotive industry has increased with the addition of more vehicle brands and accessibility to technology by vehicle makers. Strengths that were owned by top manufacturers or heritage brands are now shared by newer brands; this landscape will persist into the next decade. As a new car dealership competing with fellow brand partners and competitors, how do you differentiate yourself from the competition? Sales, Service and Spare Parts businesses have become basic requirement of a successful dealership. And among your industry peers, these businesses are well established. Among the next solutions are aftermarket accessories and Skylight Autohub has the right product to help you compete for greater market share.
Skylight Autohub products are Performance Projector Auto lamps, built to International Standards and approved by globally-recognized certification bodies, such as TÜV and ISO. To highlight some of the advanced features built into our auto lamps are 3-color Injection molding technology, 100% plug-and-play to fit manufacturer’s connectivity and performing severe weather quality tests to ensure customers have a high quality product on their vehicles.

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