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Sunday, October 04, 2015

My Top Bets to the 2015 Emerging Influential Blogs

Every year, 10 new blogs were recognized by Influential Blogger as their emerging influential blogs. These are fresh new blogs with no less than 20 posts and already in the world wide web for three months to one and a half years gaining strong followers from the netizens and created impact in their respective fields.

This year, I’ll be joining this writing project by giving my top choices which I think deserve the title. And yes, if you have also your list of top new blogs, you may also join and send your entry here:

I have my Top 5 in my list which for me deserve to receive this prestige award recognition.  And here is my Top 5 bets:

1. Runner Rocky ( – From blogging to running then back to blogging. It’s good to know that this passionate blogger is now into running and fitness. He shares his running experiences to the readers encouraging them to become fit. He also updates me with the latest marathons in town. At the same time, he loves taking photos and selfies of the beautiful places where he ran and shares these in his blog.

2. 1M News Network ( – This blog simply gives me the latest trending topics not only here in the Philippines but also of the events around the world.

3. Take Off Philippines ( – A travel and food blog of a young blogger. I love the photos he shares in this blog because with these cool photos, the events and places he features become more interesting and exciting.

4. Pinoy Secret Files ( – The title is so intriguing! Well, this is a website which shares to the public some interesting secrets that we need to know and how it will affect our lives.

5. Bicol Bloggers ( – This blog simply depicts the beauty of the Bicol region.

That’s all in my list, 5 blogs with 5 different topics to share with their various readers.

Winners will be revealed after the October 4 deadline of entries submission. Good luck to all the bloggers who join.

This writing project is made possible by Digital Influencers Marketing Summit, Certified E-Commerce Specialist, Entrepreneur, and Professional Program, Alfox Printing Services and One Network ECommerce.

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