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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Is safe-mode can save life?

In this generation, we are blessed if we have a smartphone in hand, others have a more than one. I brought my Asus Zenfone 2 (ZE551ML) 6 months ago and it never fails every time I use it. I consider my Asus Zenfone 2 as my office on the go. Ok, given that the basic functions of cell phone are included, call and text, camera, social media apps and etc. I can check my emails, updating my social media accounts, calendar to book my activities. I can play games, clash of clans, asphalt and more. I think, I can’t live without my Asus Zenfone 2.

But yesterday, my smart phone ASUS ZenFone 2 (ZE551ML) got an issue after I tried to install the latest Facebook alpha version. My Zenfone behavior was not usual, first the Facebook alpha version installed in my Zenfone was not working, and I uninstalled the app then re-installed it. But still the application would launch. I tried to remove the Facebook files inside the “android folder” in my Zenfone. Also, I ran the clean master to erase some dump files on my Zenfone.

After these procedures, I noticed that the Asus Launcher got freeze, whatever I do with my phone, open the app, open the setting, check the update and etc. My Zenfone got freeze within a minute, I cannot do anything and a notification pop-up on the screen says the “ASUS Launcher isn’t responding” as well as the Google play store isn’t responding. Oh no, then suddenly it will show a block screen.


Is this April’s Fools Day? Maybe a Friday the thirteen, because I can’t fix my Zenfone. Oh no, don’t play with me please. My photos and videos are not yet back-up in my hard drive. That’s the consequence of being unaware what will happen if you tried to install an application that you never been done. I tried to transfer the informant photos and files, but it would allow me.
With all of my frustration to restore my Zenfone, I decided to reset my Zenfone. I’m willing to give-up my photos and files just to restore my Zenfone. And guess what, even I’m trying to hard reset my Zenfone, (press the home button and volume down button) it will not allow me to do it. The reset procedure was not working, the android system is getting an “error” message.

I need to call a friend, to assist me how to restore my Zenfone. Good thing, I have awesome friends from ASUS Zentalk community that can talk to about this issue. They advised to try to uninstall the update of ASUS Launcher then re-install it. Some advised to try to hardware reset, which I did before I contacted them I’m losing hope here.

Out of thinking to resolve this problem, how about to try to open my Zenfone on “SAFEMODE”. So I did to open using safe mode. How to run your phone on SAFEMODE? In my case I’m using an ASUS Zenfone 2, so press the home button, once the felt the shake, hold the volume down, until it open, you will see a safe mode text on the lower right of the screen. My fear of losing my photos and files was gone. All apps that I need to update, I updated it. The happy memories, the photos, videos and important files in my Zenfone are still there. So I immediately copy the files to my hard drive.


After the updates on SAFEMODE, my ASUS Zenfone is back to normal. SAFEMODE save me. Thank you ASUS Zentalk friends.

Lesson learned;

No Do not do any stupid thing on your cell phone if you’re not sure what will be the result.

No 2. Ask the expert, ASUS Zentalk community always there to assist you.

No 3. Do not lose hope, for every problem there is always a solution.

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