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Sunday, February 28, 2016

TayoNA.PH – Frequently asked questions

Discover TAYO NA! - Tambayang pinoy!

Discover TAYO NA! – Tambayang pinoy!

1. What is

It is an online Filipino Social Site, where we can chat, post, shop and win exciting prizes by participating in the online activities found inside “”.

2. How can I be a registered member of

Just register online at by filling out some basic information.

3. Who could be contestants in the online photo contest?

Any registered member can join “”s online photo contest.

4. How can I join the online photo contests?

(A) Just click the tab “Join this Contest” tab at your desired Photo contest.

(B) Click “to set your photo entry”

(C) Choose photo in your Photo Album, click “add this photo to contest”

(D) Click OK, then click “Join this contest” again, presto! You’re a Candidate

5. What are the benefits of joining the contests?

All Photo Contest Candidates will earn 30% of all “eGifts” amount received from his/her voters that is purchased only with Value Points.

Candidates can win the Contest Prizes. Per Category, there will be one (1) Grand Prize winner of P10, 000 cash (1) Second Prize winner of P5, 000 cash and (1) Third Prize winner of P3, 000 cash.

6. Can I join more than 1 (one) photo contest?

Yes, you can join more than 1(one) or all the Photo Contest, but entries should correspond to the Photo Contest theme.

7. Can I change my uploaded photo/s in the contest?

Yes, actually it is encouraged that time and again your update your contest photo to keep your followers intrested. The contest can accommodate 2 personal photos at a time. Just click “update my photo” tab.

8. How are the winners of the photo contest determined?

A The Candidate with the highest accumulated amount of e-Gifts received both from Value Points & Free Login Points after the contest period as stated in the Contest Mechanics, will be declared the winner.

The numbered ranking is in Real Time, updated once a vote entry is received by the system.

9. Can I still enjoy the facilities of  “” without joining any of the contests?

Yes, you will earn “Wish Gems” every time you send an eGift to a contestant or to a non-contestant.

You can also post, chat, make friends, receive messages and shop online in our “Points Exchange” store.

10. What are Points?

These are the units either “Earned” or “Purchased” by the members of There are 2 kinds: Free Points and Value Points.

11. How can I earn “Free Points”?

Upon registration you have are credited with 10 Free points.

A once a day a – 5 “Free Login Points” shall be credited to your account automatically when your Login for that day. You can check points balance in your “Points Bank”.

You can earn more points by the following as well;

a. Wall Posting = 100 Free Points every time you achieve a 25 days with a personal wall post.

b. Confirmed New Friends = 100 Free Points every time you achieve 25 new confirmed friends at

There is a maximum of 15 “Free Points” transactions per day.

12. How can I get “Value Points”?

Click the tab “Points Bank” located on top of your profile picture.

Follow the procedure contained in the tab “How to purchase Value Points”. Purchases are made using GCHASH and SMART Money. We are currently expanding our facilities to include OTC at Seven11, Money remittance stores, Bancnet and Credit Card transactions.

13. How can I cast my vote on my contestant choice?

Under the Photo of the candidate you chose, click “send gift” button.

Choose the eGift you like to send, click “send this Gift”

You can upload a message in message box (optional), click charge to either “Value Points” or “Free Points” and send (you can opt to send privately, this will not be uploaded in the wall posts)

14. Can I vote for my own entry?

Yes, you may. We also encourage you to campaign from your friend from other Social Sites like FB, Twitter etc. Just click the tab “shot out” or “share” under your contest photo.

15. What are the benefits of casting a vote?

Casting a vote is by sending an eGift to a contestant or non-contestant. You will earn “Wish Gems” for every point amount purchase for an eGift that was sent. This is true to both “Free Point” and “Value Point”

16. Besides casting votes what are other uses of Points?

You can use it to purchase products fro the “Points Exchange” store of

17. What are wish Gems?

They are use to wish for a Prize item located in the Wish Gem page. 1 wish per item = 1 wish Gem.

18. How can I earn wish Gems?

Every point amount purchase for an eGift that was sent = 1 Wish Gem. This is true to both “Free Point’ and “Value Point”

19. Can I wish on more than I wish items?

Yes, as long as you have Wish Gems. Wish Gems generated form sending eGifts purchased from “Free Points” have it’s own set of Wish items as well as Wish Gems generated from eGifts purchased from “Value Points”.

20. How will I know that I am a “Lucky Wisher”?

You will be notified immediately upon wishing, also a message will be sent to your message box and email.

21. Do I need to show something to claim my Prize?

Only in the Value Points Wish items and from the Photo Contest winners.

22. Can I exchange my accumulated points in the “Point Exchange”?

Yes, you can view your balance in your points bank tab. Please be reminded of the maximum -15 Free Points daily transactions.

23. Can I purchase additional points to get the items in the “Points Exchange”?

Yes, your can combine Earned Value Points and purchased Value Points to get an item in the Points Exchange. (See FAQ –How to get Value Points).

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