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Sunday, February 28, 2016 – The newest social media site created by Filipinos for Filipinos

tayonaYes, that’s right, is the newest social media site developed by intelligent Filipino web developers and designers for Filipinos. is not like Facebook, aside from posting photos, videos and chat, members can also win exciting prizes by joining the online activities inside the site itself.

The website has its own e-commerce program wherein members can send a eGifts to his or her friends online. They can also buy merchandise or items, that can be delivered straight from their door steps by using their points. has an online loading facility (24/7) from cellphone, online games even cable service and pay-per-view. How great is that! is not just social media site,  you can send gifts and even eLoads to your friends here in the Philippines. This website is awesome.

So, inviting you guys to try and register and of course add me to you friends list.

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Below are the FAQ of


What is

The website or simply “TayoNa” was created as one of the means to accomplish the mission of iShare Club, Inc. to help elevate the socio-economic standing of Filipinos.

To accomplish this mission, “TayoNa” has been designed with the following features:

  1. TayoNa is a Social Networking Site that is proudly 100% Filipino made
  2. TayoNais a tool for Socio-Economic empowerment, highlighted by the “Wish Gems” and “Points Exchange” Features
  3. TayoNa is a Social Advocacy, a movement of Filipinos for social change towards a better society


Why was TayoNa created?

TayoNa was created with the hope that Filipinos will realize that the task of nation building is every Filipino’s duty. Every body should contribute for better Philippines.

To understand this foundational spirit of TayoNa, we need to realize the potential of our country and its present condition.

Philippines, is not poor. Only its people are (or at least majority of them). On paper, our country and its people are rich. The Philippines is:

  1. Home to more diverse life forms—flora and fauna—per hectare than any other country on earth;
  2. The Philippines is also rich in mineral resources, being​fifth most mineralized country in the world.
  3. Our country’s biodiversity potentially provides: possible anti-cancer agents, derived mainly from our rich marine life; treatments for central nervous system disorders, ingredients for antimicrobial drugs, and enzymes for biofuel production, not to mention the vast but still untapped potential for tourism. On paper, we are rich, billions, trillions, centillions over. Unfortunately, all we have are numbers and stats. In real life, we remain a bottom feeder, a third world country. What was once a thriving, leading economy in Asia—its tiger—now lags behind its contemporaries in Asia and in the world.

For all the riches God has given the Philippines, no benefits seem to have reached its people. Not money, nor jobs, nor the most basic of government social services. Not even safety.

3.1. One out of four Filipinos live below the poverty line;

3.2 Unemployment rate is at 27 percent, with about 12.4 million Filipinos jobless (SWS, Q4 2014);

3.3. We are 83rd in healthcare services out of 133 countries;

3.4. We are 97th in personal safety;

3.5. We are 83rd in basic human needs provision (Social Progress Index 2015).

Why is that?

-85th most corrupt country in the world, out of 175 nations.

-95th out of 189 countries easy to do business in (Doing Business 2015, World Bank).

– 91st among 144 economies in infrastructures like seaports and airports (World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Report 2015)”.

(Source: Panorama Magazine)

Despite the present situation of the Philippines, TayoNa is very optimistic that Filipinos can still achieve better lives which we truly deserve. We truly believe that the Filipinos can and that only we Filipinos can help ourselves and our country.


iShare Club, Inc.

iShare CLUB, INC. is the company that conceptualized and created It was organized and incorporated in 2010 by a group of idealistic Filipino professionals with SEC REGISTRATION NO. CS201003561.

The TayoNa Team is headed by Atty. Arthur C. Corpuz as the Chairman/CEO; Mr. Manuel G. Eviota, Director for Sales and Marketing; Ms. Arlene de Vera as the Admin. and Finance Officer; Ms. Jade O. Bernabe as the Social Media Manager and Mr. Frederick R. Puno as the IT Director.


To provide an alternative on-line portal (social network) for all Filipinos that will help elevate their socio-economic conditions through sharing and spreading the TayoNa concept.


TayoNa is a movement of Filipinos worldwide, actively interacting on-line at and enjoying all its features for their personal benefit and for the community.  



  • God as the Supreme Being.
  • Honesty and integrity in all transactions.
  • Fulfillment of all commitment to society and members.
  • Respect for others and fairness to all.
  • Responsible membership in the society.
  • Respect for law and authority.


“Atin ito. Pinoy Ito. Kayang kaya Ng Pinoy. Tayo Na!”


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